Horticultural Society

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Our second talk is on Thursday 2 March and is by Barry Newman  ‘The Modern Kitchen Garden’ techniques, ideas and advice  from Barry Newman, chairman of the National Vegetable Society.  If you are keen on growing vegetables then this is the man to listen to! If you are not yet keen on growing vegetables but sort of fancy the idea then this is the man to listen to! It's a win, win situation.  Do come along coffee is served from 7.30pm. Non-Members are welcome to join us for talks and other events.
Our Spring Show is on Saturday 25 MarchStaging is from 11.00 to 12.15, judging from 12.30 to 2.00.  The Show will open for viewing at 2.00 along with our cafe, serving tea and home made cakes. This year we will be presenting prizes at the earlier time of 2.30 in the side room, so you can continue to enjoy your tea and cakes. With spring starting later this year hopefully we will have a fragrant daffodil filled hall.  Details of all classes are in the schedule and available on our website.  Entries can now be made online (online form available on our show page) as well as handed in to the Fernhurst Centre by Thursday 23 March.  We have three classes for children up to age 14 - a spring garden in a container (any size you can carry!) a plate of decorated cupcakes, a jam jar of spring flowers.  Please make sure you leave a note beside the entry with your child’s age and name. We have classes for photographers as well as jewellery/craft and design. Remember entry is free to all of the village. Do join us even if it is just for the cake.