Good Companions

History of the Club

The Fernhurst Good Companions was originally called the 'Forget-me Nots', and was founded in 1951 for persons of 60 years of age and older from the parish of Fernhurst and surrounding areas. It was originally a subsidiary of the Red Cross and the first chairman was Mrs. Hollist. Thirty five members attended the first meeting, subscriptions at that time being one old penny (1d.) with a cup of tea costing three old pennies (3d.).  The name was changed in 1972 and the subscriptions are now 6.00 per annum, but the tea is free! The Club celebrated its Golden Anniversary in 2001 with a large cake, balloons and a 'knees-up'


For information about the Club and membership contact either the Secretary Mrs. Sue Hodge on 01428 653059 or the Treasurer Mrs Val Newman on  01428 648979.  Membership costs just 6.00 for an annual subscription.